Our Services

Here is a list of our services. If you don’t see a specific service you’re looking for, please call 720.425.8536 or email me at Info@eOffice-VirtualAssist.com. I have a great resource network of virtual professionals.

Administrative Services
• Appointment Scheduling
• Bookkeeping (Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable, QuickBooks Online)
• Calendar Synchronization
• Conference Call Set-up
• Courier Service Scheduling (local courier or FedEx/UPS)
• Email Monitoring
• Event Planning
• Gift Basket Ordering and Delivery
• Internet Research
• Meeting Scheduling (online set up and monitoring or physical loction coordination)
• Ordering (office supplies, etc.)
• Order Fulfillment (books, tapes, CDs, etc.)
• Travel Arrangements and Accommodations
• Vendor Communication and Project Scheduling/Monitoring

Secretarial Services
• Bulk Mail Preparation/Handling
• CRM/Database Management
• Desktop Publishing
• Digital Photography (photo manipulation/enhancement)
• Newsletter Creation and Distribution (electronic or print)
• Phone-in Dictation (digital)
• Printing (coordination)
• Remote Computer Access (for file sharing)
• Scanning (OCR and photographs)
• Spreadsheet Creation and Formulation
• Transcription (tape and digital) (general business, legal and medical)
• Word Processing/Document Preparation

Phone-In Dictation Service

We would be pleased to introduce you and your staff to our “web-based” phone-in dictation service. Our system is supported by state-of-the-art web-based phone-in dictation system that is available 24/7, 365 days year!

The features that make this system superior to tape phone-in systems are:
• 24/7 accessibility, 365 days a year
• No equipment necessary, just a phone (toll free dial in number)
• Controls for pause, rewind, fast forward, play from your phone keypad
• Ability to transcribe .wav, .dss, MP3 or any other digital audio format
• PC based transcription software for easy transcription and fast delivery
• Web storage for access to audio files and corresponding completed documents
• No tapes to erase, send in or return, just completed documents!
• Standard turnaround or priority service
• Your templates are welcome
• HIPPA compliant
• General and legal transcription services
• Podcasts and tele-seminars transcribed too!

Phone-in transcription is perfect for calling in quick memos, field notes, reports, letters, dictating book chapters, etc., any time (24/7). All you need is access to a phone! No equipment necessary, no tapes to worry about. Just call in your dictation and receive the completed documents in your email inbox!

*If you already have the equipment to create or convert audio files into .wav or any other audio formats you can easily send us your audio file as an email attachment. We will then download your file, transcribe it, and send the completed document back to you as an email attachment.

For large audio files (especially several audio files zipped) we recommend using www.SendThisFile.com or www.YouSendIt.com. These are free, secure services that are easy use and set up. No software to download.

Productivity Services
• Microsoft Outlook 365 Customization
• SharePoint Customization and Maintenance

Technology Services
• Autoresponder Set Up and Maintenance
• CRM Data Entry, Maintenance and Email Campaign Set Up and Maintenance
• Blog Set Up, Hosting, Design and Maintenance
• eCourse Set Up and Maintenance
• Online Marketing Strategies and Implementation
• RSS Feed Service for Blog and Web Site
• Podcasting Recording, Editing and Posting
• Shopping Cart Set Up and Maintenance
• Social Media Set Up, Monitoring and Maintenance (Facebook Fan Page, Pinterest, HootSuite Monitoring, etc.)

Website and Graphic Design Services
• Book Covers and eBook Covers
• Book Interior Design and Layout
• Custom Designed Candy Wrappers for Events
• Graphic Design (logos, banner ads)
• Podcast Logos
• Web Site Creation, Domain Name Registration and Hosting Maintenance

Writing Services
• Article Submission and Tracking
• Blog Content
• Copywriting
• Editing and Proofreading (eBooks, documents and web site content)
• Facebook and Twitter Posts
• Grant Research and Writing
• Newsletter Content
• Sales Support
• Technical Writing

If you don’t see a specific service, please feel free to contact me at 720.425.8536 or via email at Cheryl@eOffice-VirtualAssist.com. If I can’t help you I can certainly refer you to someone who can!